What We Do

We provide access to alternative investment strategies through our hedge fund in seeking outsized returns in all economic and market conditions.

Partnership: We seek to build strategic partnerships with our clients, creating transparent solutions designed to meet their specific financial objectives. We value long-term partnerships with individuals, families, and firms to consistently deliver our best performance.

People: Our team originated with young, hungry individuals having specific financial savvy. We continue to incorporate a diverse and similarly driven team. The quality of our people is a key driver of our success.

Our Strategies

We offer our clients access to investment strategies designed to outperform alternative capital solutions. By redesigning the investment process, we provide extreme focus and high reward with managed risk to match investor goals. We strive to embody ethical values to ascertain the best rewards our clients seek.

Encephalo Securities operates as a long/short hedge fund focused on one thing- investing in the “best of the best” and selling “the worst of the worst”. With investment techniques that go far beyond the typical scope of research, analysts become subject matter experts with regards to their industry, offering an unparalleled view of the world. By utilizing the power of extremely powerful computing technology, Encephalo Investments finds unique investments and be early to the playing field, leading the way in world-class investing.

We are dedicated to forging a better future for those who come after us. Our commitment to using financial influence to support the environment and sustainability is reflected in our investment strategy by supporting companies who support our future.

We maintain transparency and commitment to our clients. Our senior team aligns the long-term incentives with the best interests of our clients by investing alongside our clients.